Body Recomposition Masterclass

Body Recomposition Masterclass

OH HEY!!! I've been throwing around several ideas for my January online offer this year and as I was putting some stuff together for a few of my in-person clients, I kinda thought.... why not just teach it all? Crazy maybe... most trainers don't give out all the secrets because they need everyone coming back every month, but I started my business based on education and try to get as many people out and flying on their own anyways... so here it is! Everything I know about workouts and nutrition and how EXACTLY to do it yourself... with 6 weeks of premade workouts and coaching from me while you learn.


Let's start with the workouts:

I'm giving you two options for workouts. Home workouts with little to no equipment AND gym workouts. You can decide which avenue you want to go down based on your lifestyle and switch between the two however you see fit. I will assign the workout via an app that has instructional videos, timers, and will walk you through the whole thing every day. Workouts will be 5 days a week for the 6 weeks.


Now the food:

Your food choices are going to determine 80% of the results you get. You can choose many avenues on this subject as well (this is why the fitness industry is soooo confusing!), but I will present the pros/cons of all the options, give you the science and let you decide what works the best for you and your lifestyle.


A few bonuses:

It's really easy to get pumped up for the beginning of a fitness program and go gung ho for the first week. Sometimes you need a little mind trickery to keep going. Those motivational (discipline) tricks are my specialty, and followed up with accountability, you've got a winning combo! I also offer a ton of meal prepping hacks, workshops and lifestyle tools to keep you going.


So, if you are a lady who fits any of these below, we should chat!

  • is confused about calories, macronutrients, when to eat and what to eat to see positive changes in their body and performance.

  • wants to be able to eventually design their own fitness and nutrition programs effectively (save money on trainers and gym memberships)

  • have families and partners that are not onboard with restrictive or "healthy" eating

  • know they need to workout to be strong, but don't really know the best way to go about it.

  • need a little accountability and a professional to answer questions and offer suggestions

  • like the idea of a strong and healthy lifestyle, but fall short on execution


 If anytime is the right time to work and invest on yourself, I'd say the aftermath of 2020 is it!


PS: All of my in-person and online PT clients will also get this info, so if you are one of those ladies, you will not miss out ;)


    Due to the digital nature of the product, I do not offer refunds. 


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